Exclusive Lead Development Program

Exclusive Lead Development Program

Are you sick of expensive online ads that hardly get you any quality leads? I was too until I came up with an exclusive way to target the wealthiest people in my area! 


If you are here reading this most likely you have an abundant mindset and you want to grow your company.


Do you know who respects that type of ambition and values that kind of thinking? Do you know who is willing to work with people like you and not get jealous of your success? Wealthy people. Not middle-class people who have quit on their dreams and look at you, self-employed, as their enemy.


Are you getting my drift?


Look at the big picture, its not the neighbor next door who is just as broke as you are, that is going to help you get some money. For damn sure he doesn’t want to see you make more money then him! Right? He gave up on his dreams, went to college and is making mediocre pay. You’re "just the landscaper."


You deserve more.


The wealthy people are the ones who are not afraid to see you get paid. They are making so much money, a few hundred thousand dollars is not much to them, especially when you are adding value to their real estate. Wealthy people will pay a premium for a job well done, professionalism, and a competent owner. Professionalism is key for wealthy people. They are impressed when they see the most professional paperwork, contracts, cover sheets, invoices. They feel they will not get left in the mud.


I’ve literally never gotten a quality lead from Facebook, Google, or Yelp. All I’ve received is low call back rates and cheap clients looking for the best price. Not good.


I’ve realized targeting the wealthiest people in my area has made me the most money.


I have created a direct mail strategy where I’ve figured out how to target the richest people in your neighborhood. I use a professionally written letter instead of a flyer and I have seen a 20% call back rate and I’ve closed on 50% of those call backs. It works!


Who’s got my money? The top 1% do, that’s who.


In this video I am going to explain exactly what I did to close on $300,000 of lawn maintenance and landscape construction jobs in 1 Year! On average I have increased my revenue 215% per year off this strategy alone!

I plan to triple that this upcoming spring.


Join me.


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